Test raznolikog sadržaja

Rick Astley stari trol
Božo Vrećo u predivnoj žuto crnoj kombinaciji
  1. You need to have a Facebook page (I know… :/)
  2. Go to your site settings -> Instagram -> Login into your Instagram account
  3. Create a app
  4. Go to the [Graph API Explorer][gae]
    1. Select your App from the top right dropdown menu
    2. Select “Get User Access Token” from dropdown (right of access token field) and select needed permissions (managepages, pagesshowlist, instagrambasic)
    3. Copy user access token
  5. [Access Token Debugger][atd]:
    1. Paste copied token and press “Debug”
    2. Press “Extend Access Token” and copy the generated long-lived user access token
  6. [Graph API Explorer][gae]:
    1. Paste copied token into the “Access Token” field
    2. Make a GET request with “PAGEID?fields=accesstoken”
    3. Find the permanent page access token in the response (node “access_token”)
  7. [Access Token Debugger][atd]:
    1. Paste the permanent token and press “Debug”
    2. “Expires” should be “Never”
    3. Copy the access token
  8. [Graph API Explorer][gae]:
    1. Make a GET request with “PAGEID?fields=instagrambusiness_account” to get your Business ID



July 12, 2019